28 February 2010

leizy sundey

It was reinink today and nothing interestink was on so we stayed at home all dey. By 'we' I mean me and my frend Azuleo who is stayink with me. (He is the Brazilian who lives with auntie K. in Prague).
We were readink, I was studyink and practisink my englisch and Czech because both languages are quiet disaster. I don't know- can yu see any difference in my grammar and spellink?

(If you think i'm fast asleep you're right! studyink is booooriiink!)

Here is my old rockink chair which I actuely never used as its quite big for me. So if my frend, Mr. Mopagi like it, he can hev it .Its in good condishn for its age, in nice green color. It's got removable bucket insted of seat but perhaps cushn can fix the problem?
Thats all from me now.
Teddy x x


  1. That is a very fine desk you have!

  2. I see that you had very lazy afternoon, you both intelectuals reading papers and dictionary:)Well Today on the flee market I bought something special intellectual for you, dear Teddy. I could send it to you so you could study some more ;)
    And I am pleased to see that Azuleo feels home and so cosy at Teddys. But I miss him.
    Have lovely time, my friends!
    PS>Teddy I like your collection of the birds:)