07 March 2010


Yesterdey I went to a local market to help out wit seils as they were short of staff. I was in charge of a little stall with crafty bits. It was greit fun and sucsess and I made some moneis for my travels.
And I bought myself litle chest which can store my collection of marbles and a new sketch book.
I wanted more stuff as they where super cute and useful but they were too litle for me :( All stuff has been made by Annabel's miniatures (please sea coments for their contact details).

When I came home there was a surprise in the leter box for me!!!! My steitionery arrived!!!!!
See- proper scisors! and ruler! and stickers! and glue! and clippers! and some pink tube!

(yes, they're a bit fddly but they works!)

So now I can show you my tutorial witch I mentioned few deys ago!
But thats for next teim.

Teddy x x


  1. Annabel's haberdashery stall (1st photo), treasure chest (photo 2&3) and sketch book (5th photo) has been made by Annabel's Miniatures. If you would like some super cute miniatures please feel free to contact them on annabelsminiatures@live.co.uk

    teddy. x

  2. That is some pretty cool stuff you have there. I especially like your crayons. I am glad that I am a common size (Build-a-Bear). I might not get to go on as many adventures as my bear Caleb, but I do get plenty of cool things!