30 November 2009


From Peru I traveled to La Paz, Bolivia. My ears hurted a bit as the city was too high! La Paz looked very messy and very unorganised. But I liked the ladies with funny hats. Again, I didn't stay long in the city but traveled south to Uyuni.
I saw nice lakes in my favourites colors- red and green. And I saw nice pink flamingos! Then I saw somethink white. It was EVERYWHERE! I though its snow but it was salt! Shame it wasnt shugar as I much prefer sugar to salt.
Then I visited hotel- again made of salt (not sugar). And then i saw island full of enormous cactuses!

salt salt everywhere!

I liked Bolivia but I didn't enjoyed it. I was sick most of the time and my eyes hurted as well from all that white.
From Bolivia I traveled to Brazil. But thats for nextime. My paws hurts from typink.
Teddy x x

29 November 2009

busy preparink for Chrismas

Some of yu may kno that I'm makink prezents for my real frends as well my virtoual frends. I spent aaaaaall friday makink envelopes and cards and litle suprise pressies (not telink yu what bekoze I dont want to spoil it for yu).

I got this typewriter in Barcelona. I love it!

If yu want to recieve my Christmas card+ that small suprise, just email me yur home adress and weit :) my email is teddy7733 [at] gmail [dot] com (and please, let me know where yu know me from. If from Twitter, Flicker, Facebook or other :) )

Teddy x x

28 November 2009

what i got in Peru

I did bye this nice and warm hat. Its made of alpaca woool. I like the colors.
(visit my flickr gallery for notes on this photo)

Then I got this slipers. I like buying paw-wear as they are important for me. I can't stand up without shoes.

And then i got these 2 terracota pots. They where bargin! But difikult to travel with.I also got bottle of Pisco but the naughty man took it from me at the airport security check :(

Teddy x x

26 November 2009


I arived to Lima on 6th October 2008 and I was sooo tired! I put my backpack to my hostel near Plaza Kennedy and went to explore Lima. I was a bit scared as I was so far away from home and everyone speek diferent language. But I didn't feel that small like I usualy do :)I went on bus tour. I found Lima quite smelly, dusty, dirty and grey. (I'm more countryside bear than city bear). And the trafik was realy bad. I had my eyes open in case I see Paddington Bear or any of his family but I must have take some wrong ways as there were no signs of him :(I bought something sweet, in the shape of sweetcorn and it was filled with toffee! yum yum!
I spent only one nite in Lima. Then I went to Cusco by very big comfy coach. But I book wronk ticket and went via Arequipa. So instead of 20 hours on bus I spent 30! But I slept most of the time.

We stop in Arequipa for couple of hours. I saw some nice ladies in nice outfits, took some photos and off I went on endless journey to Cusco. The countryside was really nice. I saw flamingos and llamas.

After 30 endless hours I arived to Cusco. My hostel was very cozy and ruaral and sooo cheap!
I saw some museum and galleries of Cusco (i'm into art, you know) Then I saw ruins around cusco.But there where so many ruins! I saw all 5 and my paws started to hurt.
Next day I went on another tour. To see more ruins. (with all respect to Inkas- I started to be fed up with all the stones after stones).
me in Ollantaytambo. I think.

So break in the pub after all this walkink was more then welkome. I enjoyed Pisco so much!
Machu Picchu

Next day, after squashed train journey, proper sleep and early start I went to Machu Picchu. Glad I took bus as it was sooo high and sooo long journey! It was nice to heer all the history, how it was diskovered, what meant what, what Inkas used what for what. Then I walked on Waynapicchu! It was hard job! Too steep, too slipery, too long, too hight and there were moments where I was very scared! But I made to the very top! And I'm very proud!

Me with Machu Picchu behind.

Man, I tell you, I realy enjoyed every minute in Peru! It was funtastik experience. Hard but funtastik. And my favourite bit of Peru? Meeting Mr. Llama! Llamas are my second favrite animals. After bears.

Next time, I show you some mor images from Peru trip and tell you all about Bolivia.
Teddy x x

20 November 2009

preparation for my biggest trip so far

In october 2008 i started my biggest trip so far. I went to South America.
I packed all my esentials in my backpack and i have made list for you in case you go too:In your rucksack shuld be:
- maps
- teethpaste and teethbrusch
- diary/ travel journal
- color pencils
- socks- if your feets get easily cold
- pants/underwear
- sleeping bag
And in your sholder bag shuld be:
- passport
- your Teddy
- some snacks
- some game for long journeys

Keep your sholder bag with yu on the plane so you dont get bored.

I had to buy new camera as the old one stoped to work :(

I didn't need any visa nor vacinations but you check it in case yu do need it. But I had quick eyes opperation as my old eyes foll off :( (picture above- old eyes, picture under- new eyes)

I flew from London to Lima, Peru.
The journey was reeeeeaaaallly long! Luckili I had my game!
I was really nervous and tired but also veeeery excited to start my new adventure. Next time I tell yu all about Peru.
Your Teddy. x x

18 November 2009

20 yeers of freadom

Yesterday czechs and slovaks were celebraiting 20 years of Velvet Revolution. I don't remember 17th November 1989 as I wasn't with M. yet but I went to support theyr celebration parade on Trafalgar Square.
I didn't take any pikctures of the lantern parade as I was holdink my lantern.
And i saw my old mate Jindrich there as well so we where celebratink together.
Do yu like my new Converses? I love them! And for P. - they aren't 'Vietnamky'!!!

11 November 2009

favourite picture

i just love these picktures sooo much <3

via cuteoverload

If you know some nice picktures with teddy Bears, please let me know!
Your Teddy. x x

09 November 2009

Photos from Espana. By me.

Firstly, sorry I didn't write any posts in the past week- i was busy with blog design! I think this is better then previous one! (itwas just black backround) what do you think?
And As I promised here are some pikctures from Barcelona.

03 November 2009


I went to Barcelona in September 2008. And I forgot my shoes! and shoes are quiet important for someone who doesnt have feets! So first of all I went to bye new shoes. They are brown. And they aren't my favourite.
Here im without shues and here with my new shues- free standink!I enjoyed Gaudis architekcture. And his park. And spanish food. and spanish siestas. and everyone were so relax! I love espana!
Again, I'll add photos by me soon.

Your Teddy x

02 November 2009

my favouriest city

My favouriest city is definitly Prague! I love its architekcture and most of my bear-mates live there. Oh and beer is veeeeery nice too! yes, Im old inaf to drink!)

Here I am with mates Růžena and Franta.
Here I'm in hired car (yes, I do have drivink lisense!) and this photo made it to blog about Prague! I'm famos! (dont I look like Jackson Pollock? I can paint (and drive) like him!)
"A 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, PINK. Fabulous choice of luxury wheels to see all the sights and sounds of delightful Prague. Great photo!" by Frank.


Like any ordinary bear I'm scared and have nitemares!

I'm scared that I will be left somewere by M. I'm scared that I'll get lost!

I'm scared that soeone will dip me in a concreet and hang me!
I'm scared that some dog will find me and eats me!I'm scared that someone will make a chair of me!
source of image: 3rings

I'm scared that someone stuck me on their car!
source of image: artcar

And there are many other nitemares I should be scared of but I don't know about them yet!

01 November 2009

Photos from Morocco. By me. Ofkurse.

Me in Morocco

In August 2007 I visited Morocco. It was really hot over there but enjoyed every minute! Espeshily swimming in the sea and sun bathing! I was desprit for a sun tan as I got much lighter here in the UK!
I love photography! I got my old but fully working camera. Colors in Essaouira and Marrakech were amazing! And the smell and all the noise!
I havent meet any local bears but I bought really cool shoes in my favourite collor! arrent they cool?
I rely enjoyed my stay in Morroco! And I would like to return one day.
your Teddy. x

(please sea the map on the bottom of each page. It will be edited regulery so I wont spoile where I have been before you sea it)