27 March 2010

woooow! thenk yu!!

I'm so thrilled that my stamp pictures tutorial was featured in Craftzine!!!!! In case yu hevn't see it click here.

The night& next dey I was featured my google analytics went bonkers! :o) Nice lady from Crafters Attack also featured me on her blog with veeery neic words about me :o) Thenk yu Dana!

And thenk yu to all my readers, followers and fans. I have more tutorials comink up.
Teddy x x

20 March 2010

handbag giveaway

Hello ladies.

I hev this handbag which is far too big for me. And I'm giving it away to one lucky lady :o)

Description: It's feik brown leather, orange inside and with magnetic snapper (or whatever yu call it).

The measurements are:
base is: 12cm widest part x 5,5cm deep (5 x 2 inches)
top size is : 10 x 3 cm ( 4 x 1 inches) (as seen on the picture above)
high is: 7,5 cm + 5cm handle (3 inches+ 2inches handle)

So if it's the right size for you just let me know and I'll post it to yu. Please note, this is based on first come- first served and I run this offer on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

It's completly free and I post worldwide :o)

UPDATE:the bag has gone now :o)

Bye for now.
Teddy x x

19 March 2010

Tutorials: Pictures for your home

As I promised I hev tutorials for yu- How to meik pictures for yur home or for doll house.Yu will need:

  • old postal stamps of your choice (I like animals and flowers)
  • some cardboard
  • glue
  • permanent marker
  • scissors or stanley/craft knife
  • ruler
  • double side teip

Step 1: Measure yur stamp for 'frame' makink.
Step 2: With your permanent marker meik a 'frame' around the cardboard edges.

Your frame should look like this:

Step 3: Put a glue on the back of your stamp (or if it's unused stamp-just lick it :o))

Step 4: Place yur glued stamp in the middle of yur frame and press firmly.

Step 5: Use scissors to cut around the stamp, leaving equal frame. Use a ruler if yu use a craft knife.

After cuting it should look like this: (we are almost done!)

Step 6: Use marker to colour sides/edges of your picture.

Step 7: Stick a double side tape on back of your pickture.

Step 8: Stick it to your wall and you are done!

Use more stamps to meik nice collekshn of pictures.
I hope yu enjoyed it. Please share yur pictures if yu used my tutorials- I wuld love to see it!

Oh and meik sure you come beck becouse I have more tutorials! :o)

Teddy x x

16 March 2010


Todey was beautifl sunny dey so it was teim to do some clothes washink. I wasched my favouriest top, PJ's and underwear.Then it was just neic to sit down with neic cup of tea, read the papers and enjoy the Sun.
Can't weit when it's proper hot!
What about yu? did yu hev nice dey?
Teddy. x x

14 March 2010


I've just seen the animetion Coraline. And even I hav buttoned eyes I'm NOT the other Teddy. I'm the real Teddy!!!!

Buttoned eyes in Coraline= the other father and the other mother!

Buttoned eyes on me= the REAL TEDDY!So. Don't be confuesed.


12 March 2010

Big in Mexico!

I'm in Mexican Newspaper!!!! Czeck this out!One detail is wronk though- as I travel since 1999. But I'm realy excitid!! I asked nice jurnalist if she could posibly send me whole newspaper and she will.
Mexico is one of my dreem destination to visit. Maybe one dey.....

Teddy x

07 March 2010


Yesterdey I went to a local market to help out wit seils as they were short of staff. I was in charge of a little stall with crafty bits. It was greit fun and sucsess and I made some moneis for my travels.
And I bought myself litle chest which can store my collection of marbles and a new sketch book.
I wanted more stuff as they where super cute and useful but they were too litle for me :( All stuff has been made by Annabel's miniatures (please sea coments for their contact details).

When I came home there was a surprise in the leter box for me!!!! My steitionery arrived!!!!!
See- proper scisors! and ruler! and stickers! and glue! and clippers! and some pink tube!

(yes, they're a bit fddly but they works!)

So now I can show you my tutorial witch I mentioned few deys ago!
But thats for next teim.

Teddy x x