16 May 2010

giveawey result+ surprise!

Dandilion honey giveawey result! heere we go! :)

Me, with my witness Azuleo, my lottery machine and the honey prize:

Each of yur comments has been given number- first comment got number 1, last number 13 etc... Azuleo made shure all of the numbers are present:
All numbers are in the lottery maschine:

Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin....

Here it comes.....

... and the winner of my 50ml honey pot is:
NUMBER 6- which is caddilac59! CONGRATULEISHN!!!!!!
And heere is the suprise- I decided to randomly choose second price- smaller pot of my honey!

After proper spinink heere it comes...

...and the second prize of 20ml honey pot goes to.....

...NUMBER 5! which is Ryan Lorenc-Haluska! CONGRATULEISHN!!!!

Both winners will be contacted via email.

Thenk yu all who took part of my giveawey! And don't worry if yu haven't win- I'll do more giveaweys in the future! :)

Teddy x x

07 May 2010

40th post! teim to celebrate, teim for giveaway!

This is my post numero 40! And I would like to celebreit it with yu!

I'm givink away my large* pot of dandilion honey! Whole 50ml* of delicious, sweet, sticky honey!

If yu would like to win, simply leave a comment under this post. Leave your comment by midnight BST on Saturdey 15th May and I'll pick the winner randomly followink dey. I'm heppy to ship internetionely, so anyone can enter! :)

Please be shure yu leave a name or pseudonym (no anonymous comments please) and yur email address so I cen contakt yu if yu're the winner!

I forgot to show yu the 50ml pot size next to the small, 20ml pot.

Good luk!
Teddy x

*50ml= about 1.69 us oz, about 1.76 uk oz and it's pretty large size for a Teddy of my size :)

01 May 2010


Last weakend I traveled to Dublin, Ireland.

Me, my Teddy and my friend Azuleo arrived quite late so we went straight to sleep.
In the mornink we had brekfest in bed. Very yummy and very fillink as ther was very busy day ahead of us!

We went to explore Dublin. We saw lovly Cathedral...

....we saw absolutely MASIVE toothpick...

.... explored GREEN letterbox (no one was inside)....
...and of course I visited Guinness store!

We had absolutly fantastik teim! Sláinte!
Teddy x x