07 January 2010

more snou!

I like goink for winter walks in Czech,

meikink snow angels,
and warmink up and drinkink tea after cold walks.
Now I am beck in UK. And guess what! Here is even more snow than in Czech! So I made new snowbear in my new boots!

Sheim I don't have skiis because I like skyink. Any tip where I can get any?

06 January 2010


What did you get for Krismas?
i got:
- muddy bear biscuits (from auntie Jean)
- pikcture of me and Azuleo (painted by talented auntie Klara)
- wooden unit for my livink room (from uncle Keith)
- torch (from auntie Marta)

- Englisch-Czech dictionary becasue my spelling and gramar is dissaster (from Big Teddy)
- violin in case (from my M.)
- tenis raket and new boots (from my mate Jindrich)

proper new boots!

I need to teik pikctures of rest of the stuff and then I show yu!