19 February 2010

toy travel agency

I need to schare with you this excitink news.

(image source via Toy traveling)

Some humans in the Czech republik (where i'm originaly from) had an idea to open travel agency for toys. Meinly soft toys like me! (Though I'm not toy but proper Teddy Bear!)
Basikly, you send yourself (you- bear readers) or your dearest favourite toy (you- human readers) for a holiday in Prague, Czech Republic. They are planink to open more destinations around Europe in popular cities. This agency will make sure that you see the best of the city, they will teik photos of you, you can enjoy picnic with other softies, aromatherapy, massage etc etc. How excitink is that?!?! You can check their website here or became fan on Facebook.

(image source via Toy traveling)

No, i don't work for them- I even don't know them, I just love this idea!

Yours, Teddy x x

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  1. It probably is really cool! Especially for bears who are not as well traveled as you. I doubt my mom would ever let me go that far away from home! Maybe someday she can send one of my friends on a vacation there!