28 February 2010

leizy sundey

It was reinink today and nothing interestink was on so we stayed at home all dey. By 'we' I mean me and my frend Azuleo who is stayink with me. (He is the Brazilian who lives with auntie K. in Prague).
We were readink, I was studyink and practisink my englisch and Czech because both languages are quiet disaster. I don't know- can yu see any difference in my grammar and spellink?

(If you think i'm fast asleep you're right! studyink is booooriiink!)

Here is my old rockink chair which I actuely never used as its quite big for me. So if my frend, Mr. Mopagi like it, he can hev it .Its in good condishn for its age, in nice green color. It's got removable bucket insted of seat but perhaps cushn can fix the problem?
Thats all from me now.
Teddy x x

25 February 2010

comink soon

I'll have arty tutorials for you comink soon! I just ordered some scissors and glue and ruller so as soon as it arrive I'll schare my tutorial wit yu! watsh this space!This is wat I ordered! Proper scisors! Hurry up, postman!

Bye now.
Teddy x x

23 February 2010


Riht now I live around the M.'s house. On the shelfs, in the cabinets, under the bed. And I don't leik it. I want to have my own speis, my OWN HOUSE! So i'm doink lots of research and I came acros this great blog CALL OF THE SMALL- full of doll houses inspiration! I'm much bigger than dolls but some stuff is just right for me.

Czeck this coool retro room! Love the lamp and stationery!

How wicked is that half egg coffee table? Love it!
And more stationery!
(all images from call of the small)

What about you, do yu hav own place?

Bye now. Teddy x x

19 February 2010

toy travel agency

I need to schare with you this excitink news.

(image source via Toy traveling)

Some humans in the Czech republik (where i'm originaly from) had an idea to open travel agency for toys. Meinly soft toys like me! (Though I'm not toy but proper Teddy Bear!)
Basikly, you send yourself (you- bear readers) or your dearest favourite toy (you- human readers) for a holiday in Prague, Czech Republic. They are planink to open more destinations around Europe in popular cities. This agency will make sure that you see the best of the city, they will teik photos of you, you can enjoy picnic with other softies, aromatherapy, massage etc etc. How excitink is that?!?! You can check their website here or became fan on Facebook.

(image source via Toy traveling)

No, i don't work for them- I even don't know them, I just love this idea!

Yours, Teddy x x


It's teim to tell you about my trip to Brazil where i traveled from Bolivia. First stop was to see some water falls in Iguazu and I must say waterfalls were evrywhere and it was very noisy! I was fascinated by beautiful butterflyes fliink around me.
Then I stayed in Pantanal for few days. I done some horseridink, saw lots of interestink animals, saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets and met nice ant eater called Fillipe (or Phillipe? Phillipo? ). I also went Pyranha fishink! that was amazink! ( though I was bit scarred!!!) From Pantanal I traveled to Ihlabela. Nice small island and finally enjoyed proper sun and waves. I also had to do my laundry cos it was all smelly and filthy!
Then I moved to Rio for one week. I LOVE RIO!!!!! I enjoyed copacabana beach, visited some galeries and took long walks around nice gardens.

(pineaplle in my size!!!! wicked!)

Rio is also special for me because i met my friend Azuleo who lives with auntie K. in Prague now (but he was born in Rio).
And ofkurz i visited Christ the Redeemer!

(well, this looks more like Teddy the Redeemer)

Next time I tell you all about Argentina.

Bye for now.