19 February 2010


It's teim to tell you about my trip to Brazil where i traveled from Bolivia. First stop was to see some water falls in Iguazu and I must say waterfalls were evrywhere and it was very noisy! I was fascinated by beautiful butterflyes fliink around me.
Then I stayed in Pantanal for few days. I done some horseridink, saw lots of interestink animals, saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets and met nice ant eater called Fillipe (or Phillipe? Phillipo? ). I also went Pyranha fishink! that was amazink! ( though I was bit scarred!!!) From Pantanal I traveled to Ihlabela. Nice small island and finally enjoyed proper sun and waves. I also had to do my laundry cos it was all smelly and filthy!
Then I moved to Rio for one week. I LOVE RIO!!!!! I enjoyed copacabana beach, visited some galeries and took long walks around nice gardens.

(pineaplle in my size!!!! wicked!)

Rio is also special for me because i met my friend Azuleo who lives with auntie K. in Prague now (but he was born in Rio).
And ofkurz i visited Christ the Redeemer!

(well, this looks more like Teddy the Redeemer)

Next time I tell you all about Argentina.

Bye for now.

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