23 February 2010


Riht now I live around the M.'s house. On the shelfs, in the cabinets, under the bed. And I don't leik it. I want to have my own speis, my OWN HOUSE! So i'm doink lots of research and I came acros this great blog CALL OF THE SMALL- full of doll houses inspiration! I'm much bigger than dolls but some stuff is just right for me.

Czeck this coool retro room! Love the lamp and stationery!

How wicked is that half egg coffee table? Love it!
And more stationery!
(all images from call of the small)

What about you, do yu hav own place?

Bye now. Teddy x x


  1. That is pretty cool. Are you that small? My house would be too big for Mom's house. She says that someday I can have my own corner of a room though. I would like my very own dresser to keep my things in.

  2. i'm 17cm/7" I know I'm small but then I fit everywhere :)