30 November 2009


From Peru I traveled to La Paz, Bolivia. My ears hurted a bit as the city was too high! La Paz looked very messy and very unorganised. But I liked the ladies with funny hats. Again, I didn't stay long in the city but traveled south to Uyuni.
I saw nice lakes in my favourites colors- red and green. And I saw nice pink flamingos! Then I saw somethink white. It was EVERYWHERE! I though its snow but it was salt! Shame it wasnt shugar as I much prefer sugar to salt.
Then I visited hotel- again made of salt (not sugar). And then i saw island full of enormous cactuses!

salt salt everywhere!

I liked Bolivia but I didn't enjoyed it. I was sick most of the time and my eyes hurted as well from all that white.
From Bolivia I traveled to Brazil. But thats for nextime. My paws hurts from typink.
Teddy x x

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