16 May 2010

giveawey result+ surprise!

Dandilion honey giveawey result! heere we go! :)

Me, with my witness Azuleo, my lottery machine and the honey prize:

Each of yur comments has been given number- first comment got number 1, last number 13 etc... Azuleo made shure all of the numbers are present:
All numbers are in the lottery maschine:

Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin....

Here it comes.....

... and the winner of my 50ml honey pot is:
NUMBER 6- which is caddilac59! CONGRATULEISHN!!!!!!
And heere is the suprise- I decided to randomly choose second price- smaller pot of my honey!

After proper spinink heere it comes...

...and the second prize of 20ml honey pot goes to.....

...NUMBER 5! which is Ryan Lorenc-Haluska! CONGRATULEISHN!!!!

Both winners will be contacted via email.

Thenk yu all who took part of my giveawey! And don't worry if yu haven't win- I'll do more giveaweys in the future! :)

Teddy x x


  1. Nice Teddy!:D And congrats to both winners!!:)

  2. Oh! I am Sweetly Pleased to be Sure.
    Thank you Ever So Much for Sharing your Wonderful Recipe with Us Teddy.
    I am Really Glad that My Number came Up!
    What Good Luck!!!

  3. YAY!! Congrats to the winners!!!!
    me is somewhat jealous, as that honey looks soooo delish!!

    And guess what, Teddy? I has that same lottery machine, but mine doesn't has any balls! I found it at a flea market. I gotta make it some balls!

  4. Dear Teddy, I adore your lottery machine and all the photos today.

  5. Teddy is adorable. :-) Congrats to the winners.

    I'm still trying to figure out how the follow button works (the default profile in the google friend connect is my owner and i don't know how to change it).