07 May 2010

40th post! teim to celebrate, teim for giveaway!

This is my post numero 40! And I would like to celebreit it with yu!

I'm givink away my large* pot of dandilion honey! Whole 50ml* of delicious, sweet, sticky honey!

If yu would like to win, simply leave a comment under this post. Leave your comment by midnight BST on Saturdey 15th May and I'll pick the winner randomly followink dey. I'm heppy to ship internetionely, so anyone can enter! :)

Please be shure yu leave a name or pseudonym (no anonymous comments please) and yur email address so I cen contakt yu if yu're the winner!

I forgot to show yu the 50ml pot size next to the small, 20ml pot.

Good luk!
Teddy x

*50ml= about 1.69 us oz, about 1.76 uk oz and it's pretty large size for a Teddy of my size :)


  1. Aww, this is so nice of you! I would love to win the lovely pot of honey!

  2. this honey looks delish! I'll make sure to bake some nice fresh bread to be all ready. :)

  3. I would loves to win me some Dandilion Honey!! I ain'ts never tried me any Dandilion Honey!!!

  4. This is so genorous of you Teddy! I didn't even know dandelion honey existed. Our turtle, Pepper LOVES dandelion leaves! But I don't think he likes honey. He's a turtle...
    Good luck with the competition, Teddy!
    Lots of love from Nik & Erika from London X

  5. If i Win, I would use Dandilion Honey on my cereal – and I would Share some of my Dandilion Honey with my Daddy for his Tea. Thank You for your Dandilion Honey Recipe, Teddy!

  6. I would be honoured to be apart of this gift-away. If I won firstly I would tell my teddy-bear friends (of whom I know many) and secondly I would let all of those teddies get together to enjoy all that greATE! honey after I err sample it! :)

  7. yum yum yum it would be really nice if me and the McBears won the honey, they could bring me honey and toast for breakfast in bed (that's if they didn't eat it all before they brought it up to me hehehehehe). It is a really nice thought of your Teddy!

  8. I'd love to try some Hunney!!! Love from Beanie...xxxx

  9. Teddy, I copied down your recipe for dandelion honey, but I didn't get a chance to try to make my own yet. I'd love to win some of yours so when I make mine I'll know what it's supposed to taste like!

  10. I will try t make it myself, but in case I would not manage than I better leave this post and hope I win... you know my email Teddy

  11. :O I would love some! I'm hoping to try making some myself this summer, but I don't know if I can find all the dandelions D:

  12. o i wud luff to win yo dandaline hunny! i finx it wud be deelishus on ma bananana curry. (is a speshal curry wivout spices.. sort of custardy. mmmm yummmarz) so nanaz, speshal curry sause and a swurl of dandaline hunny. *faints at tha thort of it* luff from Joe Soap xxxxx
    ma humumz address below..

  13. What a marvelous idea and, you know, bears just love honey.