15 July 2010


One of my big hobbies is gardenink. I love my plants espeshielly strawberies! I'm lucky to have whole land of yumy tastink strawberies but it takes lots of time to look after them.
Some of my strawberies are in pots...

...but I must water them regulary...

...so I get yummy tasty strawberies!

Heere are some beans growink superfast...

workink really hard on my garden
but whole hard workink is worth it. I get yumy strawberies!
What about yu? do yu like strawberies?

Teddy x x


  1. I LOVES STRAWBERRIES! You look like Jack wid dat beanstalk! Is ya going climb up it?
    Great garden u gots, buddio :)
    Love Bubbles

  2. Those strawberries are just your size even! I like the strawberry flowers as well!