11 April 2010

Nitemares 2

Back in november i wrote about my nitemares. Since then I realised I have even MORE nitemares!

I'm scared that someone will make a wall hook of me!
I'm scared that someone will meik a coat of me!

21st century teknology is obviously popular with TEDDY BEARS!! I'm scared that someone will meik a lampsheid of me!

I'm scared somone will meik memory stick of me!

I'm scared someone will meik telephone of me!

And of curse, my biggest nitemares are ARTISTS!!!! Look at this one Mike kelley. He is the worst!

HUMANS! Some respect to us Teddy Bears!

What about yu? do yu have nitemares?

Teddy x


  1. ups! i just realized i didn't link images sources! All are from google serch but if yu recognise some i'm heppy to link it back. ta.

  2. I am mostly worried about falling off the couch or chair Mom put me on and getting sat on by the dog! She is a big dog and it would hurt!

  3. ACK!!!! These have to be the worst nightmare ever!!! I don't think I want to go to sleep anymore!!

  4. *aaaaarghl" Thanks for a sleepless night I will definitely have after reading this post. Brrrr - that's typical for those humans...