17 April 2010

byznys decision.

It has been looong teim since my last big trip. I really would leik to visit Mexico as I never been there and this country really fascineits me.
I'm a bit short of money at the moment, so I'm thinkink to start my own byznys. I would leik to atend markets and fairs and sell some stuff I meik (yu know I like art and craft).

So last weekend I visited Teddikea and did buy a stall.

I'm sure yu all know Teddikea- everythink comes flat packed.
So before I start sellink I need to put up my stall. It teiks lots of measurink...
...lots of screwink, gluink and hamerink...
It's almost done now, all I hev to do is to peint it. But I can't decide what colours my stall should be? What color yu wuld choose?

Teddy x x


  1. How about blue to match your t-shirt?

  2. I'm with Marlowe, I'm thinking blue too, mind you, it would depend on what yer selling in the stall too. What ya gonna be selling, Teddy?