20 March 2010

handbag giveaway

Hello ladies.

I hev this handbag which is far too big for me. And I'm giving it away to one lucky lady :o)

Description: It's feik brown leather, orange inside and with magnetic snapper (or whatever yu call it).

The measurements are:
base is: 12cm widest part x 5,5cm deep (5 x 2 inches)
top size is : 10 x 3 cm ( 4 x 1 inches) (as seen on the picture above)
high is: 7,5 cm + 5cm handle (3 inches+ 2inches handle)

So if it's the right size for you just let me know and I'll post it to yu. Please note, this is based on first come- first served and I run this offer on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

It's completly free and I post worldwide :o)

UPDATE:the bag has gone now :o)

Bye for now.
Teddy x x

1 comment:

  1. Hello Teddy. How wonderful to see another bear who is very adventurous!!! I'm E-beertje and I live in the Netherlands with also an M., hahahaha, I call her M-tje.
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    many minihugs from E-beertje