20 November 2009

preparation for my biggest trip so far

In october 2008 i started my biggest trip so far. I went to South America.
I packed all my esentials in my backpack and i have made list for you in case you go too:In your rucksack shuld be:
- maps
- teethpaste and teethbrusch
- diary/ travel journal
- color pencils
- socks- if your feets get easily cold
- pants/underwear
- sleeping bag
And in your sholder bag shuld be:
- passport
- your Teddy
- some snacks
- some game for long journeys

Keep your sholder bag with yu on the plane so you dont get bored.

I had to buy new camera as the old one stoped to work :(

I didn't need any visa nor vacinations but you check it in case yu do need it. But I had quick eyes opperation as my old eyes foll off :( (picture above- old eyes, picture under- new eyes)

I flew from London to Lima, Peru.
The journey was reeeeeaaaallly long! Luckili I had my game!
I was really nervous and tired but also veeeery excited to start my new adventure. Next time I tell yu all about Peru.
Your Teddy. x x


  1. i'm really looking forward to learning of your adventures in peru...did you pack your marmalade sandwiches ?!

  2. Excellent! An essential checklist for the travelling teddy.

  3. I think that would be a very long plane ride. You're very lucky that you remembered to bring your game!