26 November 2009


I arived to Lima on 6th October 2008 and I was sooo tired! I put my backpack to my hostel near Plaza Kennedy and went to explore Lima. I was a bit scared as I was so far away from home and everyone speek diferent language. But I didn't feel that small like I usualy do :)I went on bus tour. I found Lima quite smelly, dusty, dirty and grey. (I'm more countryside bear than city bear). And the trafik was realy bad. I had my eyes open in case I see Paddington Bear or any of his family but I must have take some wrong ways as there were no signs of him :(I bought something sweet, in the shape of sweetcorn and it was filled with toffee! yum yum!
I spent only one nite in Lima. Then I went to Cusco by very big comfy coach. But I book wronk ticket and went via Arequipa. So instead of 20 hours on bus I spent 30! But I slept most of the time.

We stop in Arequipa for couple of hours. I saw some nice ladies in nice outfits, took some photos and off I went on endless journey to Cusco. The countryside was really nice. I saw flamingos and llamas.

After 30 endless hours I arived to Cusco. My hostel was very cozy and ruaral and sooo cheap!
I saw some museum and galleries of Cusco (i'm into art, you know) Then I saw ruins around cusco.But there where so many ruins! I saw all 5 and my paws started to hurt.
Next day I went on another tour. To see more ruins. (with all respect to Inkas- I started to be fed up with all the stones after stones).
me in Ollantaytambo. I think.

So break in the pub after all this walkink was more then welkome. I enjoyed Pisco so much!
Machu Picchu

Next day, after squashed train journey, proper sleep and early start I went to Machu Picchu. Glad I took bus as it was sooo high and sooo long journey! It was nice to heer all the history, how it was diskovered, what meant what, what Inkas used what for what. Then I walked on Waynapicchu! It was hard job! Too steep, too slipery, too long, too hight and there were moments where I was very scared! But I made to the very top! And I'm very proud!

Me with Machu Picchu behind.

Man, I tell you, I realy enjoyed every minute in Peru! It was funtastik experience. Hard but funtastik. And my favourite bit of Peru? Meeting Mr. Llama! Llamas are my second favrite animals. After bears.

Next time, I show you some mor images from Peru trip and tell you all about Bolivia.
Teddy x x


  1. You even have your own camera! That's pretty cool. Your trip is very interesting!

  2. your trip to Peru looked amazing! i would love to go to Machu Picchu someday

  3. Bloody heck I'm late for tha bus You Lucky Devil gggGGGG

  4. we were weitink for ages! i was wonderink were yu were!